Hand Soaps On Sale at Bath and Body Works!


As you know I am super cheap so I tend to stay away from Bath and Body Works for most things. They do have great products, but I can almost always find something similar at a different store for much less. The exception to this is their hand soaps. Oh my goodness, they have the best hand soaps! They smell amazing and the scent lingers on your hands forever. I promise, people will ask what that great smell is and you can do jazz hands and exclaim, “It’s me!”. These hand soaps normally cost $6.50 each, which is way too much for my penny pinching self, but right now they are on sale for 6 for $24! It’s still a LOT for a hand soap, but I promise it’s so worth it. The sale goes on “while supplies last” so check it out online or in person, where there were still tons available at my local mall. They have every scent from bakery smells to fruity to holiday and also come in both foaming and the kind that has the fancy little beads in it, whatever that’s called. Awesome, it’s called awesome.


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