I’m Sorry, What?!



My name is Alexa and I’m a mom to an amazing, completely insane two year old, a graphic designer, and Etsy shop owner, a wife, a dog mom, a cheapskate, and a DIY all the things-er. I’m starting this blog to share my life with you all in hopes that some of you can relate. This is not a super mom blog. This is not an organic, green life blog (though I do love me some recycling). This is not a how to on being a perfect person blog. This is a blog about what it’s really like to have a toddler. What it’s really like to live in this world full of both awesome and awful people who do amazing things, help people, and can’t really drive that well. This blog is to share tips on couponing (no, not extreme couponing, I am lazy) and meal planning and DIY stuff that may or may not work out (just wait for my review on glitter tulle, just wait). This blog is to share experiences and things that made me chuckle, cry, or say “I’m sorry, what?!”. I hope you enjoy this blog, pick up a few life tips now and then, and have a laugh.


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